Knowing a Few Things Before Trying Google Advertising

By 21/01/2016Digital Marketing, SEO

Google Advertising

One who wants advertise online may not need to look further because one of the major search engines, Google, offers some ways to advertise. In terms of traffic, Google advertising is definitely a wise choice since approximately 60% of internet users rely on this search engine.

Paid Search

Aside from spending a lot of time and money optimizing your website and getting back links, you can get traffic through Google advertising. The paid search allows texts and links to your website be on top of the search result page. However, they will be labeled as such. Nonetheless, it is a good way to advertise online because you can rest assured that the system will be keyword-based. It means that the people who can see your ads are the ones who entered relevant keyword/s.

Google advertising is budget friendly for most people because you are charged only when the link is clicked. You can easily understand the system if you are familiar with other website’s pay per click system.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords is a very useful tool for online advertisers. They allow you to identify the keywords that are best to be used. The Google Insights is a good alternative. Both of them can give keyword suggestions. Nonetheless, you will still need to review your campaign especially the keywords. You can look at your click through rates.

The Google AdWords’ new feature lets you view if the ad will not be shown in some countries or if your ad will show for your target keywords. To use it, you just have to view the status column of one of your ads and hover over the speech bubble.

Active View – New Measuring Tool

Recently, Google launched new metrics called Active View that will help brand marketers by measuring whether an ad is viewed or not. It helps individuals who are utilizing Google advertising to know if their ads are viewed and help them save some money at the same time because they need to pay only the ads that get views.

Another tool that seems to be beneficial to advertisers is the Active Gross Rating Post or Active GRP. This allows the advertisers modify their advertising campaign in an instant.

Forbidden Ads

On the other hand, Google advertising has some restrictions. Google bans ads for illegal products, sex trafficking, underage and child pornography, prostitution, and escort services. Google even claimed that they have invested millions and even has a team that manually reviews ads. In a blog post, Google’s Chief Engineer Sridhar Ramaswamy said that they removed more than 100 million ads some of which are scams while others are for illegal products. There are also around 150,000 advertiser accounts that were shut down.

What’s to Come?

If you are planning to try Google advertising, it might be wise to learn some of the features that may be available in the future. Recently, Google’s patent for advertising depending on the environmental conditions including temperature and humidity was granted in March. Thus, the advertisements that will show up will be relevant to the environmental condition.

Google Advertising