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Human Resource Management

PRO HRM is a modular processing system software based on the segregation of various aspects related to resource management and its allocation for an enterprise which values its resources as a flashpoint for growth and revenue generation. PRO HRM enables the management and stakeholders to assign control and responsibility. PRO HRM is designed on the principles of delegation of authority and provides a new outlook to career definition through clear goals and path assignment for employees as a resource. Enterprise structure and its impact on resource is well taken care by PRO HRM through in depth resource analysis and user definition procedures in built in operational level. PRO HRM software has strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people at workplace and environment. PRO HRM processing system effectively enables employees to contribute realistically and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organizations goals and objectives. PRO HRM is a web based application software that provides its users to get instant access by being online from anywhere in the world.


Human Resource Management

The HR function contains personal information, skills, achievements and disciplinary details. PRO HRM software processing system automates the processes, speeds up the operations and handles large amount of data.


Payroll Management

Payroll Management software processing system deals with salary related issues. It consists of several stages and procedures that require expertise in financial administration, such as salaries and tax management.

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PRO HRM Is best in practice HR management service. It handles all HR related issues needed by an organization. PRO HRM’s centralized storage means employee details can be easily maintained. PRO HRM functionality handles details such as employee information, contact information, educational & professional profiles, skills, salary progression, vital details of driving license, visa, passport, work permit etc.



  • Auto alerts
  • Grading system
  • Management Dashboards
  • Automates payroll processes
  • Leave and loans management
  • Defines earnings and deductions
  • Track salary progress
  • Email & SMS based reports/alerts
  • Application program Interface (API) to third party payroll independent databases.
  • Biometric attendance integration to Pro Payroll.
  • Employee vehicle movement integration via GPRS.
  • Online access through web browsers
  • Remunerations disbursements
  • Manage with holdings
  • Robust dashboard interaction
  • Compiles statistics
  • Separation settlement
  • Provides regulatory reports
  • Vacation/Holiday management
  • Earnings/Deductions management
  • Online access
  • Online access through web browsers
  • Deals with administrative work
  • Tracks candidates information
  • Scales down the physical workload
  • Multi lingual/Department/branch
  • Plans Manpower