Financial Accounting System

Pro FAS – Pro FAS Plans, directs, and coordinates accounts, investments, segment issues, tracings, reporting, and other financial activities of a location, office or a region of an establishment. Pro FAS encompasses full range of organization’s finances by defining sequence of steps. A Small and medium enterprise to a multi department enterprise with huge infrastructure entirely depend on an ERP for processing, maintaining and auditing their financial status and structure. Pro FAS is one of a kind programmed system to achieve financial due diligence and controls.


  • Ready to use for perpetual inventory standards
  • Production controls for variance postings
  • Segment wise integrated allocation of all departments
  • E-mail & SMS report alerts
  • Third party integration


#1 ERP Solution For Your Company

Pro FAS processes, maintains and audits the financial status and structure of an organization. Pro FAS sets objectives, identifies resources, analyzes data and makes financial decisions to track the variance between actual and targeted result. Pro FAS is built for small, medium and multi branch/department enterprise.

Core Features

  • Modular
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Control integrated to Order Processing
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Production Control
  • Payroll integrated personnel mgt
  • Direct Mail facility
  • Extra Screens for Data Entry with screen Designs
  • Web Warehouse/Stores Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Location
  • Report Designer
  • Graph Designer
  • Report view Customization
  • Developers Support
  • Authorization Levels
  • Auto-Backup to Server
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Invoice and Voucher Printing Multiple Layouts as per choice
  • Extra Fields Unlimited
  • Security User Level
  • Reporting Speed
  • Crystal viewer
  • Alerts

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