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Asset Management


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Manufacturing Management System

Why Jsoor Pro Solutions?

Pro is an advanced ERP software solution that sets up and organizes core turn-arounds in a process to sync with technology, resources and possessions of an enterprise that includes a powerful Software for ERP. Automation of enterprise operation with Pro adds value in terms of result enhancements. Pro is a reliable ERP software solution is a suite of web based applications including Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting System, Supply Chain Management, Point of Sale, Property Management System and Construction Project Management.




  • Satisfies customer demand
  • Reduces managerial control
  • Improves trust and collaboration
  • Implement the best of Standard Business Procedures
  • Consolidated and Independent warehouse reporting
  • Absolute control on inventory and delivery
  • Auto alerts
  • Grading system
  • Management Dashboards
  • Automates payroll processes
  • Leave and loans management
  • Defines earnings and deductions
  • Track salary progress
  • Maintains accurate financial estimates
  • Mobilizes financial resources
  • Determines utilization of finances
  • Reduces cost of capital
  • Reduces operational risk
  • Prepares capital structure
  • Centralized billing
  • Retail reporting
  • Sales tracking
  • Best price models
  • Promote sales
  • Remote monitoring of sales
  • Optimum utilization of human resource
  • Plans, coordinates, and controls the project
  • Handles multiple sectors
  • Presents project wise Profit & Loss
  • Maintains inventory management
  • Gives accurate reports
  • Web based centralized information storage
  • Feature rich property management
  • Greater control and access to the system
  • Stores and synchronizes automatically
  • Manages your rent roll
  • Markets your property management
  • Provides secure remote access
  • Tracks Asset Management
  • Assigning assets ownership to particular common area, department or user.
  • Industry Standard Depreciation Posting
  • Complete control over Asset Management process
  • Tracks Production Flow
  • Sales leads from start to close of sales
  • Easy Access of Shop Floor Reporting
  • Relationship Management and sales services
  • Complete control over production process

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