Internet Advertising: The Most Common Forms of Internet Advertisements

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a good choice for businesses these days. It is easy to track if your advertisements are reaching your target audience. Unlike broadcast media and publications, the Internet offers you a way to track how many internet users are clicking the advertisements. Below are some forms of internet advertisements that are very common today.

Banner Ads

The banner ads are the first in internet advertising. Pop-up ads and other intrusive ads soon followed. Sometimes, a simple text ad would do since some Internet users hate the colorful and blinking ads. This only means that there are plenty of options for someone who wants to reach a wide audience using the Internet.


The idea is to help businessmen or advertisers save a few bucks by paying only when someone clicks the ad. Google had its own version of PPC system called AdWords. An advertiser pays Google for placing their ads labeled as sponsored links on the same page as the search results.

It is like the original PPC system in such a way that the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked but he or she can rest assured that the ones who will see the ad are filtered based on the keywords they put in the search bar. A flaw on this type of internet advertising is that the rival firm can increase your advertising costs by clicking your ad repeatedly.

Email Marketing

Advertising and marketing through email is another popular way of Internet advertising these days. You can place text and images in an email and send it to your target audience. However, many consumers have problems regarding spam and unsolicited advertising emails. Sending too many emails or too frequently might not make them buy but just piss them off.

Pop-Up or Pop-Under

Pop-up or pop-under is one of the most intrusive forms of internet advertising today. It forces the users to view the ad because it comes in a separate window. Viewing it is inevitable before one can close it. However, it is still not a flawless type of internet advertising for it can be blocked by some programs that the users can download for free.

Sidebar Ads

Sidebar ads are also very popular. When you visit a website, you may find ads on the right or left side. Experts say that the sidebar ads are more effective than the horizontal banner ads because they can still be seen even if the user scrolls down.

Floating Ads

The use of floating ads is wise, too. The Internet user will not have a choice but to view the ad especially if he or she wants to see the webpage’s content so bad. Some are even more intrusive because they make the cursor useless.

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Internet Advertising