ERP – How Enterprise Resource Planning can Help Transform your Business

By 08/02/2016ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP System in JSOOR Solutions offers a wide range of products and services that will help you master the art of trade in business.  Primarily, JSOOR Solutions offers a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning software program that integrates all real-time solutions to your need.  However, before you invest on this management software, you need to understand the basic ERP Features.  Knowing how it works will give you ideas on how the software can help transform your business.

Understanding ERP

Indeed Enterprise Resource Planning is an integral part of any business development framework.  In running your business, moreover you need to deal with a lot of things such as managing orders and inventories, human resources, communications, customers’ relations and many others.

Actually these tasks are rather complex and complicated.  not to mention that the very basic ERP software integrates all these tasks into one functional system and makes it easy for you to organize all information.

The integral feature of the ERP system is the shared database that allows multiple tasks integration within all basic units in an organizational framework.  This means that the software provides synchronized reporting and computerization.  With the system, you can have an enhanced production and human resource networks that will make processes and recording easier for everyone.  Dashboard and portal integration provides you with a quick understanding of the overall performance of your business.

Using the Enterprise Resource Planning software can eliminate wasting time and therefore minimize cost.

The Company

JOOR Solutions have almost everything you need in running your business.  and with their expertise and flexibility, JSOOR Solutions handles users’ efficiently with their easy web interface.

Our products can be easily integrated in your business and come out with a productive system, because Company utilizes technology in every aspect of their solution which provides this easy integration.

Their Products

JSOOR Solutions offers the following Enterprise Resource Planning softwares.  These softwares aim to provide you with managerial expertise in line with your business needs.


Consultation Services

In support to investors via their 5 integrated software solutions, Indeed JSOOR Solutions provides consultation services to their customers in:

  • Changing Management Structural Framework
  • Market Expansion and Development
  • Improving operational network for efficiency
  • Realize Profitability by cutting unnecessary administrative and production costs.

Training Solutions

At a flexible cost, JSOOR Solutions provides intensive on-site training courses to a variable number of staff or employees, as deemed necessary.  They also provide extensive IT Trainings to public and private sectors.  These trainings are adaptable to the existing need of the users or investors.

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