Digital Marketing Strategy

Before starting any consultancy project especially Digital Marketing, we study our clients environment and business needs, by collecting  data, analyze and come up with the best vision strategy which will help them understand on how technology can further enhance their competitive advantages.

No doubt in our study project, we can work together to analyze your existing technology systems such as the existing applications, vision and business requirements. On the other hand based on intensive analysis, However we develop together specific ideas and the implementation framework of such ideas; so, in your case we document the road-map on what services to offer that would improve the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

Digital Marketing

First Stage: Study Baseline

  • Document the Business objectives
  • Prioritize needs
  • Evaluate the best options

Second Stage: Proof of Concept

  • Implement a part of the solution as an Example.
  • Agree on the results

Third Stage: Implementation

  • Start the road map.
  • Implement high priority modules
  • Continues Service improvements

Profiting from Pay Per Click Advertising

Actually Pay per click is a very popular online promotion strategy among serious marketers. It involves the investment of money and the returns can be massive if you know how to go through with the whole process. A lot of online marketers seem to veer away from PPC due to the fact that you are putting money into the table. They often argue that why should you pay for something that you can get for free? Well, as the often quoted saying goes, “To make some money, you have to spend some money.” PPC is not just about purchasing ads. Afterward it’s about researching, testing, tracking and finding the right kinds of ads for your product, service or business.



The Pay Per Click is a very useful tool for online advertisers. They allow you to identify the keywords that are best to be used. The Pay Per Click Insights is a good alternative. Both of them can give keyword suggestions. Nonetheless, you will still need to review your campaign especially the keywords. You can look at your click through rates.

Run a negative campaign

This is one way of getting highly targeted visitors to your website through digital marketing, who have a higher possibility of converting into your customers. Negative keywords allow you to create an ad that would drive only serious buyers to your ad and cut down the non-serious visitors. This is a very cost-effective way of monetizing through your pay per click advertising campaign. The use of negative keywords in your digital marketing ad copy has to be done carefully, so that the right audiences are compelled to reach to you and non-serious users are driven away.

Geo targeting

Most of Pay Per Click applications  works best in case of local targeting. When you target your PPC ad for a particular location, where you think you might get most visitors, you can get great value for money.

In conclusion Geo-targeting prevents wastage of PPC money because otherwise anybody from across the globe may click on your ad for the business that is located in a small city in Australia. Through local targeting, such circumstances can be avoided and you can get useful visitors to your site and your local store.



PPC Advertising

Many website owners prefer to use pay per click or PPC advertising. It is a cost efficient solution because you only pay whenever someone clicks your ad. For this reason it saves you money unlike other website advertising solutions that charge you even if no one views your ad.

CPM Advertising

The cost per mile or CPM advertising is another cost efficient way of website advertising. In fact it is much like PPC advertising but you pay depending on the number of impressions or page views.

CPA or CPL Advertising 

Some businessmen prefer cost per action or cost per lead advertising. In this system, you rely on affiliates to sell your products and services. You just have to give them commissions for the sales they will close or for the traffic they will deliver.

Text Ads

Normally, you use text ads when you opt to use PPC and CPM website advertising but some text ads can be within contents like articles and blog posts. It is a non-intrusive yet effective way of online advertising.

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